Resilience: A Flooding/Climate Change Card Game
In collaboration with the University of Hull, I am working on an educational SciComm card game about flooding and climate change called ‘Resilience’ which had its first test run at EGU 2019 in Vienna. The game is set to be developed further and incorporated into a study about how games can be used to communicate flood resilience to the public. Special thanks to Dr Chris Skinner and my supervisor, Professor Mark Lorch for helping me with this!

Sculpture as an Effective Science Communication Medium
After creating numerous science communication sculptures, I am currently analysing the data from these projects in preparation to publish as a paper on the subject.

Secret Superpowers of Supervillians   
In collaboration with Mark Lorch and Kat Day - I'll be working on the book project, writing a chapter dedicated to analysing the possible scientific basis of Killgrave's mind control powers + contributing design/illustrations for the book cover + pages.

Unpublished Papers
Deciphering Eduardo Paolozzi’s Turing Suite: An Analysis of Eduardo Paolozzi’s Turing Suite in Relation to Technological Development in the 20th Century (2018)
My undergraduate dissertation analysing the Turing Suite series of 8 print artworks made in 2000 and questions their value as a body of sci-art. Currently rewriting this to be published.
Infectious Disease 
Rabies in the 21st Century: Prevention and Treatment (2017)
Art Visual Analysis 
Picasso - The Poet (2017)
David Bachelor - Plato’s Disco (2016)