Gerald Durrell, Jersey (2019)
This gorilla celebrates the life and work of Gerald Durrell, prominent conservationist, explorer, television presenter and founder of both Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Jersey Zoo! The sculpture’s design is based on Durrell’s physical appearance + includes many of the animals he collected on his various expeditions around the globe. It also includes animal facts and facts about the trust. During the ‘Go Wild Gorillas’ art trail the sculpture was placed at the main entrance for Jersey Zoo so it could greet all of the visitors! The sculpture was later auctioned off raising an astonishing £36,000 for charity.
Space Ape, Jersey (2019)
Inspired by space exploration, the Space Ape proudly wears the iconic ‘ACES’ space suit as worn by those who flew in the 135 Space Shuttle missions spanning from 1981-2011. The shuttle helped deliver many important payloads throughout the years including components of the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope - both of which are still operational today and contribute to widening our understanding of the universe. Space Ape was located at the Trinity Showgrounds meaning that he got to hang out with the stars at Weekender Festival and even got signed by Jax Jones and Lewis Capaldi! The sculpture was sold at auction raising £17,000 for charity.

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